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Welcome to 3DGE 64

3DGE 64 is a Doom 2 modification for the EDGE source port. It is a project in the style of Doom 64, however it is not created as a total conversion of Doom 64. For more “faithful” renditions of Doom 64, please check out Doom 64: Absolution for the Doomsday Engine, Doom 64: Retribution for GZDOOM, and Brutal Doom 64 for the GZDOOM engine. This project will come packaged with user-created levels tuned to challenge any demon slayer.


3DGE 64 also comes with port-specific features & charms of its own, such as:

  • Three-dimensional Geometry, such as bridges, platforms, slopes, room-over-room environments, and more
  • Special Effects for fireballs, explosions, environments, and enemies
  • Several new maps custom-created for 3DGE and the modification
  • New “Skirmish” game mode
  • Boss encounters and secrets galore

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Having trouble with EDGE? Check out our documentation or contact support and we’ll help you sort it out.